Our services cover a wide range of maintenance and project based operations. 

Brush & Land Clearing

Brush hogging and small object removal, such as small tree stumps, create a better landscape for building orchards and grazing pastures. Maintaining clean orchard rows grows land value and increases accesibility.

Boundary & Fence

It’s important to quickly and efficiently set property lines, especially with roaming livestock. We augur 6″, 9″, and 12″ holes depending on whether it’s fence posts or planting trees. In addition, we build H-braces, gate support, and string 3- and 4-wire fences.

Drive & Excavation

We can build and maintain your gravel or dirt drive. Our operations also include digging culverts and small water features such as ponds or watering holes for livestock.

Transportation Services

Need to haul those trees or fence posts to the project site? We can do that too. Ask about our transportation services for small to medium size loads.

About Us

We’re a small family owned and operated land service and maintenance business based out of Lake Wales, Florida. You can find us outside, building and maintaining our own oasis to relax and spend time in together. We know how important it is to escape in the evenings and on weekends from everyday stress and we want to help you do the same.


Clint Dillard-Crawford, Owner & Operations Manager

Clint was raised on a ranch in Mesa County, Colorado, and has spent the last fourteen years working in the oil field. He has worked on rigs from Texas to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, many of those years in coil tubing, and operated heavy machinery on a daily basis. When he’s not working, you can find him tinkering with his Harley Davidson motorcycle or out on the water fishing with his wife.


Tammy Dillard-Crawford, Social Media & Office Manager

Tammy grew up in Pennsylvania and has spent the last twelve years as an intensive care nurse. She enjoys gardening and making things grow, including her own small design and craft studio business. During her limited free time, she displays her artistic talents by decorating indoor and outdoor spaces. Read her monthly business blog for more inspiration.


Please Contact Us!

Please call and/or email us. Be sure to give a detailed description of your project or maintenance need, and the best way to reach you. We’ll contact you within a day or so.